Why Mean People Can Kiss My Ass

Okay– I have to admit, I’m in a little bit of pain. VULNERABLE, my baby, my first, has been continually kicked in the nuts on amazon.com, and yeah–it hurts.

But today, while sulking like a kid with a crappy report card, I was reminded (yet again) of why the mean people on amazon.com can kiss my fat white ass.

Galad– Galad sent me (because she’s between five and eight buckets of awesome) a lovely card, a LOVELY copy of Madeleine L’Engle’s book ‘Herself’, and (okay–are you all ready for a fibergasm?) a BEAUTIMOUS skein of Wollmeise in this heart’s blood color that defies description but catches my breath. I would ask Galad why she lavished me with such bounty–but I won’t. Galad is such a wonderful friend and e-buddy, that I shall simply take her generosity on faith and affection–she has certainly reaffirmed my faith and affection for my fellow man. (If anybody has some ideas for a crochet project in 575 yards of fingering weight wool, let me know… for some reason, my fingers are itching for some tiny crochet–maybe because it’s denser and the color just begs to be saturated… or maybe because it’s quicker and I want to work this stuff up asap!)

Elizabeth Gentry– This very nice woman is also struggling with self-publishing her own books and after some e-correspondence, she asked if she could give me credit on the inside front cover of her second book. I piss and I whine a lot, but I forget what it was like to be at the very beginning of this little journey, and SO certain that only my family and friends would EVER read my book–Beth keeps on hoping, and she seems to think I help her do that. How miserable can I be if someone who wrote a book thinks I’m an inspiration? I mean really, as a teacher, that’s the absolute best I can be. Thanks, Beth–I’m so very proud to be in your book:-)

Lorna Miller–This here is Lorna’s website. She’s trying to raise money for training and outreach for parents of children with autism–and she asked me to donate a set of the Little Goddess books for her silent auction. HOW COOL IS THAT? (Okay–I’m obviously sort of an idealist because I’m excited about giving my books away!) I mean–she asked for MY BOOKS to help raise money for something cool! I’m beyond honored.

The Cave Troll–who wanted me to pull a penny from behind his ear. He was afraid I wouldn’t know how before we started the trick, so he took the penny and shoved it in his ear first. He’s SUCH a five-year-old boy–that’s both charming AND gross!

All of you–including fawatson, Joy, Naidina, blondie, Eric, Leanne and Littlewitch who either just posted, contacted me on amazon.com, or, (in LW’s case) patted my shoulder as I whined– for reminding me that I don’t write for the people who hate my work but for the people who love it. You’re all more than worth the effort of pulling up my bootstraps and writing on.

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  1. Littlewitch says:

    Is Vulnerable about spelling, punctuation and grammar? I thought not. It's a shame that some people don't get that but again…their loss. The rest of us get Cory and Bracken and Andres and Green. We both know that talent isn't majority rule. If it were Poe would have died wealthy.

  2. DecRainK says:

    I tried to post a nice review on amazon but the computer I'm o apparantly hates the site as it froze on me twice. Instead I'lljust say it on here:

    Vulnerable rocks. I found the book and its companions quite by accident and have been in love with them since the first reading. Anytime I am getting down I know I can pull out my copy and escape into the magical world of Lady Cory – a wonderful girl brought so to life by Amy Lane that I am envious of the other characters in the stories for their chance to serve Lady Cory and Green. Lane draws her readers in with Cory's self-deprecating outlook on life ad grabs hold tightly and won't let them leave when she shows them Cory's vulnerability and her love for the people around her. I am looking forward to the next Little Goddess book becuase I know it will be just as wonderful as the previous books.

  3. Louiz says:

    I sat down with a fantastic comment to make, and I've been interrupted so many times I can't remember. All I can think is – love your work, cave troll's penny antics sound both gross and funny. And I'll investigate the lady who writes who you mentioned….

  4. roxie says:

    There – DecRaink said it all. And as for getting negative comments, There are people who just love to pick but couldn't create anything under any circumstances. As I said, you're running through a flock of assholes right now. Scrape them off the windshield and drive on.

  5. Yea you!! Helping out a good cause.

    I'm thinking it must be something in the air; because I'm feeling a bit blah also. Buck up… we've got some knitting to do.

  6. Galad says:

    It always amazes me how little credit you give yourself for all that you accomplish!

    I love Roxie's comment about the flock of assholes 🙂 Life is sometimes full of assholes and then sometimes you get yarn just because 🙂

  7. Julie says:

    No one is making the assholes read your books. If they don't like them, they don't have to read them. I remain convinced the assholes who criticize with no useful advice are just mad because they're too stupid, mean, or constipated to create something beautiful of their own.

    Fuck 'em.

    Keep up the fight!

  8. Tanner says:

    Amy, your writing is awesome. I only have the Bitter Moon books to judge by so far, but you had me loving stories that had a LOT of romance crap that I hate. It takes a very good writer to do that.

    You also coach well. Little kaben nine might have some things to say about you when his story comes out. He doesn't ask permission though, so, you'll have to deal with it if he does say something about you…

    (the elf)

  9. I'm so sorry they're bagging on you. It stings when people hack at you…had it happen more than a few times and even though you KNOW it's just a troll and you "should" just ignore them…still stings. 🙁

    Keep the faith!

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