With apologies….

I’ve been having so much fun on the fanfic wagon that I was going to keep on rolling with some StOny (Captain America/Iron Man) because someone posted another meme and, well, squirrel.  But I’m going to have to save that for another day, because I have a wedding to go to in Tahoe, and I leave in 5 1/2 hours.

So I thought I’d mention the thing–

There is a thing that happens in my head when I have time to prepare for a trip. I plan a few outfits, I consult temperatures in the place I’m going, I count days, I calculate how much underwear I’ll need, and then I add a few things, throw it in my bag and go.

Then there is ANOTHER thing that happens when I got back from another place not much more than a week ago, where I take half the stuff I brought to that last place, hope it’s clean, fold it nicely, throw in some other stuff out of panic, add more shit that maybe matches, throw a coat over it cause: cold, and then zip up the suitcase and hope for the best.

Yeah. Guess which of these two things I just did?

God, I hope I don’t look like ass at this wedding.


And I’m finishing a blanket on the way up, so I can’t sleep.  I’ll save my sleeping for the golf game, because that’s why we’re leaving so early. So my husband can play golf.

The guy has earned a LOT of forgiveness points with New York–that’s all I’m saying.

No worries. I plan to sleep in the car while he’s playing. Just as soon as I finish the damned blanket.

so, yeah. Fanfic next week.  This weekend, there’s a wedding and some really awesome people to visit. I’ll try to be more coherent in person than I have been on the blog.

Oh yeah– Bon Voyage, Captain Stewart.  My bullshit detector has always been pretty on point–but I do have to thank you for keeping it calibrated and running smoothly for the last 16 1/2 years.  Oh yeah– and thanks for the Bruce. I was perfectly fine during tonights broadcast until he launched into Land of Hope and Dreams.


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