*yawn* Break time!

Okay– the Lane family is definitely enjoying their weekend.  Not in style, mind you– just enjoying. So far we’ve seen Battleship (it IS everything you expect it to be– buy popcorn and savor the moment when Alskaar puts his arm around Taylor Kitsch’s shoulder and kisses the top of his head.  I’ve never seen anything so slashy in my life– and the fact that they’re supposed to be brothers is completely superseded by the fact that in order for a mother to produce both those children, she would have had to be surfing the gene pool in a HARD way!)  and MIB.  (LOVED Men in Black III btw.  Was really awesome.  Better than the second, and Josh Brolin was amazing.)

I’ve taken some pictures of fingerless gloves because I finished the sequel to The Winter Courtship of Fur-Bearing Critters, titled How to Raise an Honest Rabbit.  It’s Jeremy and Aiden’s story and while Jeremy’s backstory lends itself to a little bit of sadness, I think we gave our rather sweet tragic rabbit a very cute–and slightly depth-filled storyline.  I know that we see a different side of Aiden in this one– Craw thinks of him as a golden boy, and he is–but he’s also a man with a hidden dominant streak, and exactly what Jeremy needs.  Anyway, my time honored fingerless mitt pattern is included with the story, in three sizes and three yarn weights– and these are my samples.  The dark green/brown/blue ones that Chicken is wearing is the pair I wrote about in the story– and it’s also a gift for my friend, Andrew Grey.  He sprained his ankle yesterday, and I got to send him a picture of the mitts, since I can’t mail them until later:-)

Anyway– we watched movies last night, and Chicken has spent the weekend putting together her English final– a scrap book for her high school years.  She’s an unsentimental creature.  I wrote her a letter for it– per her request–but she refuses to read it.  I think I may threaten to publish it if she doesn’t.  Hey!  It’s not THAT gooey!  Swear!  For that reason, I was forced to take a picture of the cat’s ass.  No, I don’t know why, but Chicken’s picture was horrible.  Mine is better–and considering it sucks, THAT’S saying something.  But seriously– how great is a picture of a cat’s ass gonna be?

And this picture of Squish and Steve?  I posted it on Twitter with the caption:

Squish:  But mom, I love Steve!

Steve:  Fuck My Life, Fuck My Life, Fuck My Life!

And I picked Zoomboy up from school and had the following conversation in a five minute time span:  Mom, do you know rattlesnakes come out because of the heat?  Everyone is going to get bitten by a real rattlesnake.  Stop grooming my hair, or are you eating my lice like a baboon?  We had ice cream today, it got all mixed together and looked like puke.  Can you imagine mom?  Puke! 

Zoomboy, could you do mom a favor?  If I turn on some Loreena McKennet, could you, perhaps, for five minutes pretend you’re not a boy?  Thankyouverymuchbuhbuy!

And after all that, we can see why he’d be asleep on Mate, can’t we?

I hope you’re all having a very nice weekend– I know mine is going to be spent peacefully!  Ciaou!

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  1. DecRainK says:

    I also saw MIB3 and Battleship and loved them both.

    My sympathies to Chicken. I had to make a scrapbook my senior year – took forever! made all my friends fill up a page to take up room lol

  2. roxie says:

    Scrapbooking? They're teaching them SCRAPBOOKING in high school now? They cut music and pays ed and they're spending tax dollars teaching the kids scrapbooking? Excuse me. I must go rant in the backyard for a bit.

    Looking forward to MIB3.

    The mitts are totally awesome – as usual!

  3. Galad says:

    Great mitts and models 🙂 We intended to go to the movies this weekend and never made it off the couch.

  4. Donna Lee says:

    I so want to see Battleship (but no one else wants to to so I may make a solo foray into the wilds of the movie theater)

    As for angst, in my job, it's everywhere. I have to allow myself to enjoy my life and not feel guilty because I can't save the world. You do what you can and hope someone else is picking up some slack.

  5. Galad says:

    Great mitts and models 🙂 We intended to go to the movies this weekend and never made it off the couch.

  6. I love how the only thing in focus is Steve's look of I know where you sleep.

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