Yes, it’s for you!

So, before the weird  Christmas knitting binge started, I was working on a sweater for Mate.

I’ve actually made some progress on it–it’s in the place where I do the body, so it’s essentially around and around and around and around and around until I want to gouge my eyeballs out with a crochet hook.

I had him try it on tonight, just to see when we could get to the eyeball gouging.

He was like, “Okay, not sure it fits… may need to… oh yes. Okay. If I do this it works much better.”

I was like, “So you’d wear that.”

He was like, “Well who are you making it for.”


“No, before you saw that it would fit me.”

“Still you.”

“But who else was it meant for?”

“Only you!
But only if you’d wear it.”

“But who’s it supposed to be for?”

“You. Pretty much since I started it. Do you want it?”

He smiles a little. “Sure.”

“Do you mind that it’s a little snug on the tummy?”


“So you sure you want a Mom sweater?”

“Yeah. That’s sort of cool.”

Now I told him this before the Christmas rush, but then I made a thousand other things for other people. I think it’s funny, though, how I had him try it on a thousand times, and it’s finally hitting him that yes, I designed it all for him.

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