ZB the Reaper and SquishWitch!

So we went to the Halloween store yesterday, and guess what happened?  Well, mostly some shit jumped into my bag and some shit jumped out of my wallet, and then we came home and our children went from being simply mild-mannered ankle biters, and became Zoomboy the Reaper and Squish-witch!  This whole thing was pretty damed awesome.  It’s funny– I write Urban Fantasy, I live for movies like Coraline and The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I always forget what a rush Halloween is for kids.  My kids, apparently, felt a wee bit ghoulish this year.  Squish, as adorable as she wants, keeps asking me to buy rubber snakes so we can tie them in with her hair and she can be Medusa the Witch.  

Squish was very specific about how she wanted her Halloween.  We had to have graveyard headstones (check!) and a giant spiderweb (check!) and spiders to go in the fake spiderweb (check!).  We strewed the fake spiderweb over our porch posts (perhaps pictures later) and the kids set up the graveyard underneath the spiderweb and the whole time Big T and I were doing the spiderweb I kept looking at my insect friendly porch eave and thinking, “Okay, how many REAL spiders are going to set up house in this shit before Halloween has come and gone?”  I’m think that’s the reason those companies stay in business.  I for one am NOT going to reuse that product!  I may not even reuse the fake spiders, because after two years in front of my porch, who’s gonna be able to tell the difference?

All in all?  Fun stuff–and, may I add, brought to us by a “bye” week in soccer– neither Zoomboy or Chicken had games yesterday.  God it was awesome.  It gave me a brief, tantalizing glimpse of life AFTER soccer season.  Ahhhhh…
As it is, Squish’s last game is next Friday and I’ll be at Yaoi-Con, so I’ll miss it.  I’m sort of sad about missing it, but DUDES– Yaoi-Con?  YAOI-CON?  I’ll be meeting SO many people, and I have to admit, I’m a sucker for working the floor.  I get such a kick out of catching people’s eyes when they’re trying to walk away because they don’t want to spend anymore money but our stuff looks SOOOOO interesting.  Yeah, it makes me a sadist.  So?  Anyway, Squish’s last game is next week, but Zoomboy and Chicken have almost a month to go after that, and, well, I think no one’s going to be permanently injured if I miss a couple of games.
As it was, I came home an worked on my newest…  oh gods…  I want to write a sequel to Clear Water or It’s Not Shakespeare or If I Must, JUST because they’re happy books, and this one?  Fricking ouch.  I don’t know why I do this to myself.  Why?  Why?  I’m perfectly capable of writing humor and stuff that doesn’t just rip out my heart, but no.  I’ve got to write shit like Chase and Chance which leaves my heart bleeding on the frickin’ table and makes me have to put myself in the place of people I would KILL not to have to be.  
And that’s about all.  (Okay– honestly?  The frickin internet is going in and out and I want to wrap this up and push send before people start assuming I’ve died or something because it’s been so long since my last post!)
But I will leave you with this, because I thought it was HYSTERICAL!
Chicken brought her friend, Stivie, to go Halloween shopping with us and, as usual, Stivie sat in the back of the car.  Now I adore Stivie, and I’m glad Chicken hangs out with her, but I didn’t realize how comfortable she is with us until I went to the McDonald’s Drive Thru.  
“Stivie– I’m going to McDonald’s can I get you–“
“A cookie, definitely.  I’d love a cookie!”  
Well, I guess she really DOES enjoy our family– she pretty much read my mind.
And of course, my kids adore her too.  Zoomboy, in fact, spent the entire time telling her about his favorite television, and I overheard this little gem as I was driving, and I will leave you with it because I laughed my ass off:
“I love Phineas and Ferb in the Second Dimension!  Seriously!  That movie changed my life!”
0.0–well, can’t fault his taste!

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  1. roxie says:

    Lordy but I do love your family!

    And Yaoi con? You so totally rock!

  2. Why can't my kids want costumes that you can just go to a store and buy ready-made?

    To be fair, my DD is just going to wear an old blue velvet bridesmaid's dress of my grandma's, with a mardi-gras-ish mask, and the older boy (8) is going to be a dragon, but VelcroBoy (6 & clingy) wants to be a silk moth. You know how many silk moth costumes you can buy from stores? Zero, that's how many. So I bought grey sweats and 2 yards of grey cotton, and a bunch of feathers and chenille pipestems and stuff and I'm going to try to make him wings (actually, a cape *shaped* like wings) and antennae ("They have to look like feathers, Mommy, or they're Not Right!"). *sigh*

    And that dragon? He really really wanted to be a Hydra, but I talked him down. The 9 heads seemed like a tad much.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    I always feel guilty at flea markets and conventions when I want to look at the booth (or table) but don't have any/much money. The folks behind the table always look so earnest and eager and I feel like I have to buy something so I do the avoidance thing.

  4. But that's the LAST game of her season… Is that enough guilt for you? =^.^=

    Enjoy the con!

  5. DecRainK says:

    LMAO changed his life huh? Yep, Phineas and Ferb can do that to ya.

    Awesome Halloween costumes. :0)

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