Some Things to Remember About Mom…

on July 4, 2015

*  Don’t send her out for donuts and expect her to come back with a measly dozen. Danger: This movie will GUT you. *  Don’t show her a sad movie and expect her not to cry. *  Don’t leave her alone to work and expect there not to be a nap at some point in… Read More

It’s a Metaphor

on July 3, 2015

Okay– so it’s no secret that I’m going under. That I’ve got a stack of deadlines on my computer that leave me tearful at least three times a week. That I’ve got kids in the house who need my attention, full time. That everybody is staying up until one in the morning, and not just… Read More

Wreck of the Menstrual Cycle

on July 2, 2015

So, after hanging out with the girls today and going to the yarn store then coming home to watch Working Girl, I was ready to go with Mate for dinner and a movie. But, well, you read the title.  We had to come home after dinner so I could change, and I just wasn’t ready… Read More

A Little Homesick…

on July 1, 2015

So ZB is in Paris, and this evening I got this call: “Hi mom.  I’m a little homesick.” “Well, we miss you honey, but I hope you’re having fun.” “I’m using my roommate’s phone.  Can I talk to Squish?” I handed the phone to Squish, and what was going to be a long convo started…. Read More