Manny Get Your Guy– Coming Soon

on May 16, 2017

Manny Get Your Guy by Amy Lane The Mannies Starting over and falling in love. Tino Robbins’s sister, Nica, and her husband, Jacob, are expecting their fifth child. Fortunately, Nica’s best friend, Taylor Cochran, is back in town, released from PT and in need of a job. After years in the service and recovering from… Read More

A weekend of rest…

on May 15, 2017

Mate takes a family selfie before we leave for movie tonight. So… Thursday night I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy with Mate, and it was AWESOME, and we’ve been listening to the soundtrack all weekend, but we didn’t get a lot of sleep, cause, you know, out late, so it was good that we… Read More

Old Theater Stories…

on May 12, 2017

Okay– so this FB post is hilarious and if you’re on FB, by all means click the link and read for DAYS. Anyway– I tried to post my own theater story at the end of it, because I did theater from 6th grade until my sophomore year in college.  I LOVED theater, but I wasn’t… Read More

And Today I’m Made of Sleep

on May 11, 2017

Wow–so I went to work out today and I didn’t expect it to destroy my life. But I’m falling asleep with no writing done and that hardly seems fair. So I will leave you with a few observations made during my day, and then either wake up completely wand write or go to bed and… Read More

I may survive…

on May 10, 2017

Oi, yesterday was long. But one of those magic things happened in the plane–I used the plane wifi for a couple of hours before my phone got to about half-charge, and then I stuck to Kindle, and in that time, we switched to  CMT. So, little beknownst to ME, the time  on my phone was… Read More

More captions– RT17 Wrap up–and a yarn store!

on May 7, 2017

So the pictures are on automatic random– which means we’re going from parts of Thursday night to Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in just any order ever! If it helps, the 20’s party was Th, the awards were Friday, and the signing and Fantastic Day party were Saturday. And the yarn store and lunch with my… Read More

The Keith Milano Foundation

on May 4, 2017

Hey all– So this post is about Thursday night’s event, which is a benefit for the Keith Milano Memorial Fund. I’ve been a part of this in one way or another every year, and it’s always a joy to know I’m participating in something that does some good. Each year I donate the proceeds for… Read More

RT 2017 So Far…

on May 4, 2017

Okay– so a little tipsy– I think I’m going to do a quick post of mostly captions here. I’ve had an amazing two days. This is the prize table for Cinema Craptastique last night–a LOT of amazing authors gave some great stuff, and we had the most fun giving it away while talking shit about… Read More

Quickening is Out Today

on May 2, 2017

Available at DSPP Available at Quickening, Vol. 1 Little Goddess|Book Five, Vol. 1 Fantasy  /  Paranormal Amy Lane Cory thought she’d found balance on Green’s Hill—sorceress, student, queen of the vampires, wife to three men—she had it down!  But establishing her right to risk herself with Green and Bracken had more than one consequence,… Read More

*Kermit Flail* Monday– May, Quickening, and RT!

on May 1, 2017

YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! You know, I think I’m gonna change the name here. I mean, I like Kermit and all, but seriously–I get so excited about this post every month–I think we should call it the Amy Flail, don’t you? So, on today’s Amy Flail– Well, first we’ve got Robert Winter with his new romantic suspense book–and… Read More