Dennis Quaid You Asshole…

on March 17, 2007

Julie I need to keep my cat away from the computer–the fuckers are conspiring against us. Roxie managed to write perfectly torrid poetry about flowers…I’ll never look at my daffodils again, and a garden is going to make me down-right het up. And although Rae’s DD probably won for best ‘ism’ (especially because hers got… Read More

Crunchy, chewy, or extra crispy?

on March 16, 2007

How would you like your air quality today? A railroad trestle in our area went up in a spectacular conflagration yesterday–the news footage was truly arresting–it was like a little slice of hell had opened up in an inter-dimensional rift and we could see into the heart of chaos. The result this morning was that… Read More

*sigh* No Mate For Me…

on March 14, 2007

The picture is for the hell of it. She really is adorable, and I had to share. Mate is working late tonight after a softball game last night and crap-all I don’t remember during the weekend and… And I miss my Mate. For those of you reading BOUND, I am much like Cory when Green… Read More


on March 12, 2007

So the Cave Troll went down for a nap yesterday–on accident, on me, while watching television at 4:00pm in the afternoon. He woke up (after sleeping in the chaos that is our living room with 3 other children bopping around and the dog and the cat and a guest and mom bitching at people to… Read More

What’s another word for random?

on March 10, 2007

Okay, first of all, I just downloaded a bunch of pictures from my camera, including a bunch that I’m not going to post because they’re my students, and it’s one thing to humiliate your own offspring on the net, but these guys aren’t obligated by blood. I had the camera in my bag from T’s… Read More

Talk about a Fibergasm…

on March 8, 2007

I have an aid in my 2nd period class who often brings her crocheting with her if we’re doing seat work. I showed her how to do edgings at the beginning of the year, and she’s really been taking off with it–I told her that today, and she laughed… “Yeah…it was like learning a different… Read More

Allergy Day…

on March 6, 2007

Happy allergy day–some people may know it as spring, but here in Nor Cal, people who have never had an allergy before in their lives have been known to get off a plane from Bus-Stop Metropolis and blow up like a poisoned toad with countless allergies that swell the eyes and stuff the head and… Read More

Domestic moment

on March 4, 2007

As I sat here, typing away, Big T lumbered in wearing his Spiderman pajama bottoms and a stained polo shirt. “What’s Cave Troll doing?” I ask distractedly. Plod plod plod to the bedroom, plod plod plod back. “Watching tv in your room.” “How is he?” Plod plod plod to the bedroom, plod plod plod back…. Read More

Movie Me Me…

on March 4, 2007

Okay…we watched movies last night. Movie night is sort of a weird night for me–my (single) (crazy) friend Wendy comes over, and whilst I knit, she leans against Mate and pretends he’s her Mate even though, on non-movie nights, he’s not her type in the least. Chicken lays against Wendy, Cave Troll falls asleep on… Read More

The Train Has Arrived…

on March 2, 2007

The ego trip is over…thank you all for boarding with me, I’m back to my regular scheduled neuroses… Seriously–Haylo, Sora–thanks so much for the book appreciation…I was worried (I know the emphasis was on character development as opposed to blowing up bad guys–that doesn’t always go over well…) spiral, penguinpants–so nice to have you here!… Read More