Trust Me-Only the Baby is Innocent.

on March 16, 2008

The cat is a pus-sucking sodomizer of furry cockroach droppings. And I don’t know what he has against this colorway, either! It’s so pretty–just like spring–but once again, the damned cat wasted the first one and then rooted through the bag for the second one. Seriously, folks, it looks like if Captain Stashdive is gonna… Read More


on March 14, 2008

I haven’t written the synopsis for Bitter Moon yet. I should have–but bedtime has been a terrible war this week, and sleep is the casualty, and by ten or eleven o’clock at night, my eyes are burning and my brain is deep-fried with clams. I have been able to knit, though, and that experiment with… Read More

Bad blogger…bad!

on March 11, 2008

I’ve been a bad blogger–and I’m so very sorry. The problem is, I’ve been blogging from school, and I wanted to give pictures, but I couldn’t because, well, I was blogging from school! But the odds of me blogging from home, giving the chronic unrest of the short people these days is decreasing by the… Read More

The Frog Pond

on March 9, 2008

The forces that drove me to knit in the car in front of the pet store today were many. I managed to write three of the four synopsis, but it took a lot of yelling, pouting, screaming and weeping on my part. The children were getting used to ducking and the spouse…well, let’s just say… Read More

Your attention please:

on March 9, 2008

For everyone who has looked at a size 1 dpn and thought that the airlines were nuts, it’s damned impossible to use that dull thing to penetrate flesh? Until 2 minutes ago, I was one of you. I was wrong. *whimper* OUCH! *whimper*

I’m bad…

on March 7, 2008

So very bad. I was gonna kill someone and then fall asleep and forget about it. I hated my job, the students, the book, and crap, I was even hating Almighty Freakin’ Emerson. And then it happened. We had two fouled up schedules in a row, and the smallest gear on my sposta snapped, and… Read More


on March 5, 2008

Okay, so I have to summarize all four of the books in four pages a summary–and I’m stressing. Seriously stressing. I have become the worst version of myself, sleep deprivation, snarling at the family, spacing out at work, et. al., and even though I would probably need these synopses would be needed if I wanted… Read More

A paradox in a song.

on March 3, 2008

I knew today was going to suck. My weekend was…exasperating. I never got that work done. I flat out didn’t. So here it is, in my e-mail box, perhaps the opportunity that I’ve been waiting on for the last four years and… And I can’t answer the door because I’m getting a bottle for a… Read More